Fabbri is committed to helping the weaker and offers apprenticeships to asylum seekers in logistics and helps them with integration.


Iseyas, 23, and Mahdi, 17, are two young men who for political reasons have left their homes in Eritrea and Afghanistan and have started a new life in Ticino. For several months now, the two recognised refugees have been completing a logistics training course with Fabbri in Pregassona.

Gianpiero Jacop, Head of Indoor Sales, is very proud of his two protégés: «They are so young and have already experienced so much. Their stories are usually heard on TV. But this time they are standing in front of us in real life», he says touched.

Yseyas came to Switzerland in 2014 to escape the dictatorship of his country. In Switzerland, he likes the punctuality and accuracy best: «I didn't know anything like that about my own country», he explains. At Fabbri he receives a lot of support from his colleagues and feels comfortable, he says in the interview.

Mahdi came to Switzerland with his father in 2015, after a long journey on foot, by boat and bus from Iran. «Unfortunately, I have to admit that I don't miss my country. Since I have Afghan origin, I was not even allowed to go to school in Iran. My education started here in Switzerland.» He still finds mathematics difficult, but communication is no problem for him.

It's not just a success story for Fabbri, because our new employees can also shape a better future, learn the language and become independent.

We wish them continued good luck and success in their training as logistics employees.

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