The commissioning of the new central warehouse (CDC) is going forward. In the automated small parts warehouse, box storage of the 55,000 bins took place from April 2020 to the end of May 2020.


The Winterhalter + Fenner team was supported for eight weeks by employees of the Altried Foundation in Zurich, so that all 55,000 bins were finally stored and the loading of the material can begin.

Benjamin Ertl, Head of Logistics, proudly tells us: "We have already realised a similar cooperation with a foundation during the commissioning in Rothenburg. It was a great experience for the helpers and we received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided as a company to make a social contribution again this time".

Winterhalter + Fenner takes its social responsibility as a company seriously and this time chose the Altried Foundation as its partner for box storage. The foundation has set itself the goal of supporting adults with physical, cognitive and psychological impairments in shaping their lives. At three locations, the residents offer high-quality services in the areas of production, gifts for private and corporate customers, catering and cleaning.

In April and May 2020, two groups from the Foundation took over the measurement and insertion of the boxes at the respective workstations at Winterhalter + Fenner. During the project, six people and one group leader will be on site at each workstation. After half of the project, the group and group management were changed at the end of April. On the part of Winterhalter + Fenner, the project was accompanied on site by warehouse manager Max Jucker, assistant to the head of logistics Noël Heimberg and logistics staff members Lee-Roy Neyer and Mike Sheerin.

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