La storia di Sonepar Suisse

Fondata nel gennaio 2000, Sonepar Suisse non è sempre stata l'azienda che è oggi.

Molto è cambiato nel corso degli anni: ecco un'istantanea delle pietre miliari dell'azienda.


Sonepar Suisse in 2019: 5 companies at 14 locations with a total of 450 employees and ranked second in the wholesale market for electrical products.

The benchmark in the Swiss electrical wholesale business

Sonepar Suisse is one of the market leaders in the Swiss electrical wholesale market, selling electrical goods from national and international suppliers to customers in trade, commerce and industry.

Following the motto «think global – act local», Sonepar Suisse, with five companies in 15 locations throughout Switzerland and the know-how of more than 450 employees, has an extensive presence and offers fast, reliable and professional service. With this organizational format, unique to Switzerland, we are able to fulfill customer needs at the highest level.

Respect for national and regional characteristics is one of the key success factors of the Sonepar corporate philosophy. It forms the basis for our success. Locally, at each Sonepar location, our activities ensure customer satisfaction, guaranteeing our future growth.